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Promoting safer neighbourhoods in Derby


Derby Community Safety Partnership is responsible for improving safety in the area, and needed to gauge perceptions of crime within the community.


Previously, Derby Community Safety Partnership had done their own small-scale research into local experience of crime, drug misuse and anti-social behaviour. With our help, they were able to find out the views of five times as many people right across the city, and were able to hear the opinions of hard to reach audiences. This provided them with the evidence to take the appropriate action to improve people's experiences, thereby generating safer neighbourhoods.


The survey comprised face to face questioning of a sample of over 6,000+ citywide participants carefully spread across council wards. . Interviews were conducted with residents over the age of 16 years at their homes. The sample design was governed by the application of inter laced quotas (provided by DCSP from Census 2001 information) to ensure that the achieved sample was representative. Respondent selection was based upon interviewers adopting a random route walk pattern from each sampling point and systematic random selection of addresses within the streets of the designated area.

Case studies:

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