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Community Based Housing Association (CBHA): Conducting a STAR Survey among tenants in East London


The CBHA commissioned mruk to undertake a customer satisfaction survey among CBHA’s general needs tenants in Leyton, Leytonstone, Chingford, and Walthamstow.


The mruk study provided the CBHA with detailed tenants perceptions of overall satisfaction with their landlord, satisfaction with the level of their landlord’s involvement in listening to their views, the communication they received from their landlord, perceptions of their neighbourhood, customer care, repairs and satisfaction with their home in general.

“I was very satisfied with the research and would be more than happy to provide a reference on the work that mruk carried out for us.” Tom Fleming, Policy & Board Support Officer, CBHA.


STAR survey comprising face-to-face interviews with 429 residents across a number of London boroughs.

Case studies:

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