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Grassroots testing of future housing options


London Borough of Tower Hamlets needed to gain a thorough understanding the views of residents on future landlord and management options.


The Council was able to respond to the introduction of Government legislation and in particular the decent homes standard, on the basis of a thorough and underpinned review of how its housing management and maintenance services were valued and perceived by stakeholders.


Due to the diverse nature of the borough, it was particularly important to consult with residents from Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.

Face to face interviews were chosen because we have an experienced localised mruk interviewing team. Following the completion of fieldwork detailed reports were provided on an estate by estate basis. Analysis and commentary were included by different ethnic groups, disability, and tenure as well as other profile information to enable the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to make informed choices regarding residents' needs about the future of their housing management and maintenance service.

Case studies:

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