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DecisionExplorer™ a 3D ethnographic profile of your customers' journey

DecisionExplorer™ profiles your customer archetypes. It provides a dynamic portrait of their thinking at the start of the journey, how their thinking changes over time and at what points, so you know the critical factors influencing their decision making.

Because different customers act and react in different ways we profile the customers in the study so you can make decisions at the level you need to make a difference. And you get the opportunity to hear their views directly at the end of the journey.

The customer journey is increasingly complicated and varied, with customers having access to multiple channels to research or buy services. DecisionExplorerâ„¢ follows customers along all the routes so you get a comprehensive narrative of their journey, so you know:

  • Where your customers look for information
  • Why different customers consider your product and others don't
  • What makes them want to buy your product and what makes them change their mind
  • Which media carry influence with which customers?
  • Their experience as they navigate their way towards purchase.
ASC Young Technologist of the Year 2012 Wandworth Business Award winner ISO logo Fair Data MRS company partner
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