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Central & local government research

From the town hall...

What's the big talking point in local neighbourhoods? How will stakeholders respond to new policy implementation? How do you maintain services within increasingly constrained budgets and how do you measure the success of your decisions?

Knowing the answers to these questions is critical to making things happen at a local level. We've a long history of partnering local government, underpinning policy development and decision making with intelligent, robust research. There's few subjects we haven't covered, and fewer audiences we've not researched:

  • local concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour
  • information services to meet the needs of stakeholders
  • local authority engagement with the local community to quantify potential impacts of budgetary changes on service delivery
  • local council response to central Government housing legislation
  • facilitating targeted improvements to information provision, communication and quality control of performance standards and monitoring measures
  • It's our ability to communicate with the local community that separates us from the rest. Whitehall

    When a programme of research directly impacts upon government policy decisions, it must be capable of withstanding the highest levels of public scrutiny.

    We work with a range of central government departments, regulators and public bodies. They choose us for our policy expertise, our rigorous approach to methodological design, our watertight project and data management and our unrivalled analytical skills. Our sensitive, policy-oriented reporting is always well-organised, thorough and easy to understand.

    We research everyone from the most senior audiences to the most vulnerable members of our society. We conduct policy evaluations and impact assessments that contribute to government reform programmes and regulatory change.

    Small wonder that our reports are required reading for senior officials and politicians - and have informed many aspects of government policy.

    "Everyone is extremely impressed with the way you handled some very tough questions at the presentation... you did an amazing job
    "As I hope you are aware, I have found working with you - and with you personally - a fantastic experience from start to finish
    "People have said not only how useful the material is but how superb the briefing was, several commented it is one of the best we've attended as the material was well presented visually and verbally.

    For more information on how we can help you please get in touch and ask for Andrew Wood or Christoph Koerbitz (0345 130 4576 /

    Case studies:

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