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Older Peoples Programme Consultation (2014) for CCG

Commissioning effective healthcare services needs the input and consent of the people. Our in-depth Older Peoples Programme Consultation, gave gave the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) the clear evidence on which they could make their final decisions, confident they had fully consulted and incorporated the views of a significant proportion of affected residents.

We partnered the CCG, helping them consult with members of the public to test proposals for improving older people’s healthcare services. We worked closely with the CCG to finalise the questionnaire design, which was subsequently issued to 50,000 residents. A link to complete the survey online was also detailed in the consultation pack. We also conducted an additional telephone booster survey to ensure that all groups within the community were represented in the research.

Our well designed and executed, comprehensive research and the clear output we provides, give CCGs across the country the evidence they needed to drive through change.

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