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With over 20 years' experience in market and social research, clients of all sizes trust us because we're approachable, diligent, flexible and insightful. From the smallest community project to public health market research and advising the UK government on matters of national importance, we have the empathy, discretion and reach to get to the heart of your stakeholders' issues.

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How good does your office make you feel?

Anna RobertsHonestly? Pretty good!

After attending a recent Wellbeing event I returned to the office feeling very enthusiastic about the whole topic and wondered how we could improve wellbeing in our office  Read more

A healthy opportunity for public/ private partnership

Rachel CopeIt’s well known that local government is already facing tough financial challenges, with Councils receiving dwindling funding from central government.  Read more

NEUROBLOG 2: What we know about how the brain processes information can lead to better research design

Rachel CopeBack in January in my first neuroblog I looked at the link between the brain’s use of glucose, and how the brain processes information.  Now I’d like to explore the way we process images and how it can be used to design better research projects. Read more

Fresh insights counter voter apathy

ivonneHSometimes a short advert or article can really bring home the need to act in a way that no amount of lecturing or blanket coverage can.

While watching some re-runs of the Big Bang Theory this past weekend on E4 I noticed an interesting advert during the ad break…
Read more

Singing the praises of the unsung heroes

Charlotte CrichtonIt was exciting to see Macmillan publish their “Hidden at Home” report recently, and to see it making an impact.  It looked at the level of social care needs that people with cancer have, and mruk conducted the research that underpinned the report. Read more

Innovation – let’s focus on the impact not the razzmatazz

Kate AndersonWhen thinking about innovation often the emphasis is on finding the new, the never done before and especially focusing on technology. How innovative a development is, is often confused with how much noise is made about it, but by focusing on the razzmatazz surrounding a development rather than the impact that it has, we’re missing a trick. Read more

SXSW and why we’ll soon be wearing our heart on our sleeve

Martin WoottonThis week saw the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, bringing together music, film, tech firms and celebrities in a patchwork of innovations, crossovers, geekery and hot air. It’s one of the few events that still feels edgy and exciting. Read more

NEUROBLOG 1: How the brain’s need for fuel can affect the quality of responses

Rachel CopeWhat we know about neuroscience might impact on how we design and deliver market and social research projects. My first ‘neuroblog’ considers the impact on decision making of the brain’s need for and use of glucose, and how we might use this relatively new learning when devising our research. Read more

Reflections on graduate work experience

Sam Willcocks I’ve recently completed work experience at the RS Consulting Group, a market and social research agency, and thought I’d share some reflections on my first stint working in the industry.  Read more

2015: A boom year for healthcare technology…or hoverboards?

Martin WoottonIt’s that time of year again where we look back at the closing year, and speculate about how 2015 will develop. For the tech-minded researcher like me, it’s a chance to look at the wider market trends and see the bigger picture. Read more

How context, the environment and religion can affect (sustainable) travel behaviour

Fiona PannellIf we’re ever going to solve the problems of congestion, fuel depletion, climate change and associated health issues we need to change travel behaviour. Read more

Recycling – no time to waste

Anna RobertsI read with a certain amount of surprise in a recent article in the Standard stating there has been a decrease in the amount of waste recycled by London households in the year Read more

If we’re always connected, who needs ‘wearable’ technology?

guyGRecently I’ve been reading about Apple’s long-awaited Apple watch. This would be Apple’s entry into the market of wearable technology, which is probably the most talked about area in tech. Some of the benefits of wearables being talked up are staying connected all the time, having a computer on you wherever you are, whenever you need it. Read more

Movember – it’s growing on us

Yet again we are getting behind Movember and staff are showing some great facial growth.

Good news comes in threes


It promises to be an exciting few weeks for RS Consulting Group as the industry award season gets under way.

Our financial research specialists at Consensus Research, headed by Andy Glazier, are finalists in 2 prestigious awards.  Together with long-time partners SwissRe, we’re nominated for our ground-breaking insurance report Connecting Generations – Protecting GenerationsRead more

Get commercial: the way to maximise social impact

SaniaH_smallThe power of commercial services:

I’m always struck by how little commercial services are valued for their ability to make a positive impact on society. We have great support services that help those in need, but on the whole we’re not making the most of the commercial resources available. Read more

Macmillan coffee morning

CollageWe recently hosted our annual RS Group bake-off at the Macmillan coffee morning (afternoon actually). There were some fantastic cakes on offer, all baked by the team, which resulted in a 4 way tie. Thanks to their efforts we rasied £165 for our friends at Macmillan Cancer support.

E-cigarettes in the news


With Stoptober now upon us and focusing minds on quitting smoking, here’s a look at some recent press coverage… Read more

How do you know what to ask?

NeilS_small“I climbed the ladder, looked through the spyglass, and in tiny little letters it said, YES. So it was positive. I felt relieved. It’s a great relief when you get up the ladder and you look through the spyglass and it doesn’t say NO or Read more

Why work experience before Uni is a great opportunity

Freddie BorgWho am I?

My name is Freddie. I’m 17 and going into my final year of school, and I have to start applying to university soon. After a few long trips to university open days, I’ve decided that I want to study industrial economics Read more

Where’s your focus in your focus group?

Fiona PannellFocus Groups, once the mainstay of the creative development process, have come under fire in recent years. Some companies, such as Yahoo, have already outlawed them on the basis that the correlation between stated intent and actual behaviour is usually low. Read more

Congratulations to Consensus, our financial services brand, on being nominated for prestigious industry award

We’re thrilled – and very proud – that Consensus’ work with Swiss Re has been shortlisted in the Customer Loyalty & Retention category of the Financial Services Forum’s Marketing Effectiveness Awards. Consensus and Swiss Re’s entry, Connecting Generations – Protecting Generations, describes their work together on the industry-leading 2013 UK Insurance Report of the same name.

Too much information to form an honest opinion

NeilS_smallI’m very engaged in the referendum debate in Scotland. I think it’s fascinating, and a very good thing for Scotland, and the UK, no matter what the result is. However, watching the debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling, I was slightly overwhelmed by the claims, counter claims, statistics and figures, and this despite my substantial engagement. Read more

Love your local park

This week is Love Parks Week, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of parks and green spaces. To celebrate this we put together a short film of what our local park means to those who use it. Read more

28/7/14 – Promotions at RS Consulting Group

We’ve made a number of important promotions at our London office.

Kate Downer has been made Research Director. Abi Moorcock, Christoph Körbitz and Niall Baker have all been promoted to Associate Director. In addition Kerry Robinson has been promoted to Research Manager. Read more

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