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Leisure, tourism and cultural market research

No matter how beautiful a city is, how original a museum’s artefacts are, or how business friendly a region may be, communicating the right message to the right audience can be a real challenge. The rewards can be huge but with budgets tight and expectations high, getting the right message to the right people is crucial.

We design bespoke research programmes to identify and segment your target market and really unpick what makes a difference to your target market. By engaging with the people who matter to you, we offer insightful recommendations to help you succeed.

  • Inward investment

      What drives businesses to invest in regions? What are their trigger-points, what are they looking for and what will they avoid like the plague? Understand these drivers and you’ll improve your chances of attracting investment.

      We know how to engage with international C-suite decision-makers, our people have the empathy and the gravitas to get to the nub of their thinking.  You get to understand the criteria they apply when considering outward investment.

  • Regional tourism

      If you’re going to attract more of the right visitors to your region, it pays to know what influences them as they decide on a travel destination. Know this and you know what messages to place, where to place them and when.

      Mapping and explaining customer journeys is what we do.  Our client list comprises leading retailers and high tech companies as well as regional development agencies.  They come to us because they want to understand key touch-points in any customer journey, so they can influence them.  We work with regional development agencies such as Marketing Birmingham to evaluate and target their marketing communications towards optimal demographics.

  • Visitor attractions

      What’s good for the region is good for the individual attraction. Accurate customer profiles and usable customer segments mean you can target your marketing spend.

      Our clients include leading UK tourist organisations and national venues, such as English Heritage, Historic Scotland, the British Museum, the British Library & Archives and the Welsh Tourist Board. We partner with the Art Institute of Chicago to segment and profile potential visitors.

Our experts in this area are Alison Johnstone and Rachel Cope. For more information, please get in touch (0345 130 4576 /

To read more about Rachel or for information on the rest of our team, please click here.

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