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Meet the mruk team

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Alison Johnstone Research Manager

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Job descriptionI manage large and small projects across various sectors, and I most enjoy working on social research.

Why market research? I love finding out why people do what they do, what shapes their views and how they think.

Why market research?I am a very nosey person I’ve always been fascinated by statistics. I love the combination of working with numbers and words.

What would be your dream project?I’m interested in social equality and giving young people the same opportunities no matter what their social or economic background. A project that explored how schools could better prepare young people for the decisions they will be asked to make as adults, future economies and changing workplaces would be excellent!

Hobbies In my spare time I attend yoga class and go to the cinema at least once a week if I can. I’m also a volunteer for Prince’s Trust Scotland, helping young people complete applications for grants to fund training and education courses.

Holiday/ travel destinations of choice I’d love to visit Mexico during the Day of the Dead festival, Bali, Nepal and Iceland are at the top of a long wish list.

Favourite place lived in I really enjoyed my time teaching English in Cusco, Peru. I stayed with a Peruvian family and got the chance to live like a local and not a tourist! I also made some great friends from across the world and had experiences I’ll never forget.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher? Travel photographer. I like taking pictures of the places I’ve been and have even had a few of my snaps published.

Amie Luther Research Manager

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Job descriptionInvolved in all stages of the research process, from initial project design to delivering findings to clients.

What has been the most rewarding project you have worked on? I was lucky enough to be involved in a piece of research conducted on behalf of the teen mental health charity Young Minds. It explored society’s perceptions of young people who self-harm and barriers teachers, parents and GPs encounter when trying to help these young people.

Why market research?I’m interested in what people have to say, I like to know what makes people tick and I think I’m a good listener!

Hobbies I’m an avid gardener; you name it I grow it from peas to potatoes, strawberries to squash! And at the risk of sounding like a 60 year old man I also enjoy a local ale.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher? Owner of a Cat and Dog Shelter.

Most treasured item Not really items as such but my two dogs Betty and Dot, they have far too much energy and are slightly crazy but they keep me on my toes!

Favourite bands/ musicians Maximo Park, the Futureheads, Two Door Cinema Club, Ben Howard, Laura Marling.

Amy Courtney Research Consultant

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Job descriptionI am actively involved in all aspects of the research process; from questionnaire design, analysing data and reporting findings.

What do you most like about your role? I like that everyone here works as a team! Everyone is so different and varied yet we all come together to make a fun, enjoyable and hard-working bunch.

Why market research?I stumbled across market research accidently, but it’s been a good stumble! There’s such a varying array of projects in different sectors, that each day is different.

Hobbies I wouldn’t say it’s a hobby but I really like being part of the Biggest Gang in London – The Metropolitan Police. It’s the most productive and rewarding thing I can do with my spare time and in the three years that I’ve been a Special Constable, I’ve realised that everything in London is not quite as it seems.

Most treasured itemMy most treasured item ever is Wilhelmina, my second car, a black Mini Cooper. Unfortunately, I treasured and adored her so much that I ruined her clutch, gearbox and engine doing doughnuts in the snow! Now all I have of her is a spare key!!

Ambition in life My one aim in life is to travel across America. I’ve already spent large amounts of time in Kentucky, Indiana, Chicago, New Jersey and New York but I’d really like to jump in a car and drive across America, eating as much as I can, acting like Adam Richman from Man vs. Food!

What annoys you? Sandwiches. By sandwiches I mean two pieces of bread with something put in the middle! The bread goes soggy round the edges and the filling dries at the sides! I don’t understand why they’re so popular and the thought of them makes me cringe.


Amy Grewcock Support Team Administrator

Job descriptionI am responsible for general administration across the different departments.

What do you most like about your role?The people here are very friendly and clever too!

What would be your dream project?I love design and marketing so something combining both of those wihtin the fashion and beauty industry.

Favourite foods Seafood, Portuguese and Chinese. I especially love prawns with a kicking flavour.

HobbiesIce skating, going to the cinema once a week and drawing and painting. Painting is a big part of me because it is creative and there is no right or wrong.

Holiday destination of choiceMombasa, Kenya. I grew up in the city but I love the beach because it allows me to relax and enjoy the heat of the sun.

Favourite filmsI love horror movies (I’m very brave) and action movies with a twist such as 2Guns and The Counsellor. I’m also a big fan of Transformers and Spiderman.

Favourite shopI adore River Island. Trendy clothes for all occasions.

Andy Glazier Director, Consensus Research

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Job descriptionI help solve the business problems faced by financial and professional services providers – I keep my clients’ blood pressure down.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?A project on customer commitment for TSB when I was at Taylor Nelson, which included five days in Cape Town and two on safari in Londolozi Game Reserve.

Favourite foods Indian, preferably Keralan or Sri Lankan – great for veggies like me!

Hobbies Writing restaurant reviews for the Curry Club, campaigning for CAMRA and watching Harlequins with my young daughter.

TV series you really enjoyedThe Prisoner. A surreal series starring the wonderful Patrick McGoohan and the almost as wonderful Portmeirion. Oh, and it was filmed in the best year of them all, 1967.

Favourite bands/ musicians Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Nick Cave, Jeff Buckley (RIP). All hugely talented singers and songwriters.

Favourite sport/ sporting team Rugby (Union of course, the only proper form of the sport) and Harlequins. A proper rugby club with their own ground and traditional values.

Andrew Wood Research Director

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Job descriptionI run our Government Policy & Pensions Research division

What do you most like about your role? We’re full of clever, ambitious people who know no bounds. Thanks to them I’ve gone from a grad researcher customer testing mobile phones to being trusted with most of the UK Government’s pensions research in a mere… well, 14 years.

What would be you dream project? Mystery Shopping BA’s First Class service and all of their best lounges. And their best hotel partners in selected destinations chosen by me.

Holiday/ Travel desination of choice Glastonbury Festival. Been to every one this century. Nothing beats a sunny afternoon with a beer, on the grass, enjoying a band that you insist to everyone you hate for the rest of the year.

Favourite author No favourite author as such. I do read the Economist every week. It takes me so long to plough through that I have no time left at all for fiction.

Favourite sporting team Borussia Dortmund, the team I spent my university years supporting on the Südtribüne with a currywurst and a DAB. *Correction* Sorry – it’s Arsenal.

Favourite pensionThat’s not funny.

Anna Roberts Office Co-Ordinator

Job descriptionI look after everyone and make sure the office runs smoothly.

What do you most like about your role? The bacon and sausage butties served at our monthly company meeting. The people are rather friendly too.

Why market research? Why not?

Holiday/ Travel desination of choice Crete – where else can you eat fresh fish washed down with a chilled bottle of Mythos – the beaches aren’t bad either.

Favourite foods I love my food so it is impossible to have a favourite. However I can never resist a bit of pork pie – I grew up close to Melton Mowbray so slightly biased! The shorter the crust the better.

TV series you really enjoyed Miranda – she is so funny and mischievous.

What annoys you?

Negativity – I believe that the glass should always be ½ full.

Sniffers on trains

Having my photo taken – can’t you tell?!

Favourite gadgetiPod Shuffle.

Favourite cocktailLong Island Iced Tea – refreshing but deadly!

Arun Shrestha Senior Research Consultant

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Job descriptionData is my middle name. When I analyse data, I don’t get insights, insights get Arun.

What do you most like about your role? I really love the sights and smells of RS Consulting. It makes me feel right at home.

Why market research? By being clever and imaginative with numbers you truly get to make a difference.

Hobbies When I am not skydiving or mountain unicycling, I like to sit back and relax playing my guitar.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher? I love cars, especially classic cars. It would be amazing to work as a mechanic in a garage restoring classic cars and racing them when possible!

Favourite books Pandora’s Star by Peter. F. Hamilton. It’s a book about humans battling against an alien invasion. What else could you want!

Brian Kavanagh Marketing Manager

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Job descriptionI make sure each brand in the RS Group has a unique and complementary identity, focussed on meeting the needs of our customers.

What do you most like about your role?The people. We have very diverse team full of clever and friendly people so the working environment is pleasant yet challenging.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?Re-positioning of the mruk brand. We created a strong identity that has been repeatedly complimented.

Favourite holiday/ travel desintationI spent 8 months travelling around Latin America and loved Colombia. It is stunningly beautiful and the people were so welcoming.

Favourite sporting team Manchester United. It has forged friendships and led to many a celebration over the last 20+ years after living in the shadows of others for too long.

Favourite books The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality by Brian Greene. As Niels Bohr said, “If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.”

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold – There is so much depth in so few pages. Many feel we have a novel in us but it was humbling to realise there is no way I would ever be able to write anything close to it.

Bryan Atkin Director

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Bryan co-founded RS Consulting in 1984. He has over 45 years' top agency experience and is well-known for his expertise in all aspects of industrial, commercial and institutional research as well as for pioneering new research techniques. Bryan is also a leading thinker on product development, channel management, pricing strategy, market segmentation, customer satisfaction and loyalty tracking.

Charlotte Crichton Research Manager

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Job descriptionGenerating useful insights for clients.

What do you most like about your role?The people! There’s a great team spirit and there’s always someone to help out!

Why market research?Because you have the chance to make a difference and every day is different so it keeps it interesting. Plus in what other job can you become an expert on various niche markets and items!

Favourite foodsClassic tea party food, reminds me of Friday tea times at my Grandma’s house!

HobbiesCard-making, running, doing jigsaw puzzles!

What annoys you? People eating with their mouth opening or chewing gum loudly, which actually stems from me doing that myself as a teenager!


Chloe Gooders Research Consultant

Job descriptionAt the moment I’m enjoying learning the ins and outs of the process that is ‘research’.

What do you most like about your role?The huge variety of work, the lovely team of talented people, the fact that everyone works with everyone.

Why market research?I enjoy finding out about stuff! What people think and do really interests me, and I like using that knowledge to shape fresh solutions to the challenges faced by society.

Proudest achievementMy fundraising for the charity ‘B-eat’ by trekking along parts of the Great Wall of China. It was an amazing experience, incredibly challenging and tiring in every way but I am very proud of the big total I was able to reach, and the awareness I raised for a cause very important to me.

HobbiesRunning is one of my favourite things to do, especially around my country lanes because of the air and the quiet, I like the time to think and it always leaves me refreshed and feeling good.

I follow equestrian sports, in particular eventing as horses have to be such strong athletes in every phase.

Cooking is another passion, normally by request for my best work!

Favourite foodsCereal, my favourites include Honey & Nut Shredded Wheat, muesli, granola, I could have it for every meal! Pistachio ice cream, fruit pastilles.

Favourite shopH&M. I buy pretty much everything from there, I just love it!

Chris Dane Marketing Communications Manager

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Job descriptionMaking sure people know what the company does, why it’s doing it and where it’s trying to get to.

What do you most like about your role?There’s a real shared sense of purpose here which I’ve not known at other companies. Because of that nobody’s shy of getting stuck in.

What was the most exciting/rewarding task you have had to undertake?I’d have to say the rebranding work we did on mruk, because we effectively started with a new external positioning from scratch.

Favourite foodsMonkfish!

TV series you really enjoyedI love miserable Scandinavian crime series. There’s something about squinting over sub titles and missing the action that appeals. And of course I’d have to say Pointless.

Favourite shop None whatsoever, my life would be perfect without shopping!

Favourite album Though I’ve flirted with others I always come back to Astral Weeks by Van Morrison.

Favourite sport/ sporting team Cricket above everything else, still playing the game (just). Arsenal at all other times.

Favourite books Catch 22 (the madness of war), A Confederacy of Dunces (people who are utterly mad in mad situations) & The Sheltering Sky (a study of descent into madness). Hmm, just noticed a theme.

Dream dinner guests Christopher Hitchens, John Martyn, Lauren Laverne, Helen Mirren, Stephen Fry, Marianne Faithfull. It could get messy later on!

Chris Stead Joint Managing Director

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Job description I help run the business, and do my best to keep all our stakeholders happy.

What do you most like about your role? I get lots of freedom to be myself, to make the most of my skills and to be a part of a talented group of like-minded people.

What was the most rewarding task you have had to undertake? I have found that the most rewarding tasks are always those connected to the development of people.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on? The acquisition of other companies always gets my heart beating a little faster with great satisfaction when the new faces finally arrive.

What would be your dream project? To set up a new office on the west coast of the United States to meet the demands of our new clients in Silicon Valley.

Favourite foods Steak and kidney pudding followed by lemon meringue pie, ideally all made by my Mum!

Hobbies My latest passion is cycling and I've just completed the inaugural RideLondon100.

Holiday/ travel destination of choice I love to go anywhere that gives you the opportunity to have experiences that are different to those that you get at home. Hampi was the coolest, Cornwall the most romantic.

Favourite place lived in My kinda town - Chicago.

Favourite films Groundhog Day, Local Hero, or anything with Jimmy Stewart.

Favourite album Tapestry by Carole King.

Favourite sport/ sporting team Manchester United, England, Surrey, Tampa Bay Rays.

Dream dinner guests Mark Kermode, Barack Obama, Vicky Coren, Emma Thompson.

Chrissie Wells Head of Quantitative Methods

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Job descriptionEnsuring that four great research brands deliver world class quantitative research.

What do you most like about your role?Leapfrog researchers always have an opinion and don’t keep it to themselves!

What was the most exciting/rewarding task you have had to undertake?I was presenting some research and it was the key client’s birthday. As a wind-up his colleagues asked me to invent and present some fake results, showing that his product had bombed. Worked a treat and the best debrief warm-up ever!

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?Global project on germ protection – a brief to find out how people around the world feel and act about germs led to major initiatives for our client.

HobbiesI don’t have hobbies I have passions. Wine, opera and books.

Holiday/ travel destination of choiceLiving my “second life” as a housewife in La France Profonde.

TV series you really enjoyedInspector Morse.

Favourite musicRossini, Verdi, 60s pop, 70s punk, 80s new romantics, 90s trance.

Favourite filmsStrictly Ballroom, Sideways, Withnail and I.

Favourite albumDifferent Class by Pulp.

Favourite authorMargaret Attwood.

Who do you admire? (living or dead) Maria Callas.

What annoys you? Celebrity culture, WAGs, bullies, poor grammar and spelling, litter, crowded trains, poor service – I could go on...

Christoph Körbitz Associate Director

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Job descriptionI manage research projects from inception to final debrief, delivering high quality insights to agreed timings and budgets.

What do you most like about your role?This is a very open and supportive workplace where ideas from all team members are encouraged. When everybody feels they have a stake then delivering value to our clients and sharing our success is particularly rewarding.

Why market research?I enjoy jumping in and getting my hands dirty with the richness of research. Whether it’s large scale quant or in-depth qual, there are always interesting challenges and compelling stories that emerge. It suits my insatiable curiosity to learn what other people think and do.

HobbiesWeekend papers, urban walks, art galleries, sporadic cooking.

Favourite foodsCurries, goulash, mole, (the Mexican sauce rather than the garden pest), everything with avocado in it, or coriander, cardamom, elderflower, almonds, or duck. Oh, and oolong tea!

Favourite places lived inVienna, Copenhagen, NYC, Mexico City, London.

What would your dream job be if you were not a Research Manager?A travel writer with unconstrained freedom of where to go next.

Most treasured itemMy little daughter’s dummy – without it all hell breaks loose!

Ambition in lifeArrange for every day to consist of 48 hours; develop photographic memory; invent tele-transportation (it’s about time, isn’t it?!).


Claire ChiuResearch Consultant

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Job descriptionLearning and developing skills to be a well-rounded researcher.

What do you most like about working at RS?I like the atmosphere and environment that RS Consulting offers; I feel a sense of belonging.

Why market research?During my Marketing course at Lancaster University, I gained great interest in consumer behaviour as well as market research consultancy and decided to pursue a career that involved both these aspects of marketing. My interest in consumer behaviour comes from trying to understand the motives to consumer’s actions and bridging the gap between what a brand offers and what the consumer needs.

TV series you really enjoyedGrey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Friends, Orange Is The New Black

Favourite albumThe Original Sims Soundtrack. No lyrics, just instrumentals, perfect to work to!

Favourite sportI’m very competitive by nature and it’s shown through 9 years of playing rugby. I also enjoy Muai Thai Kick Boxing; it’s a great outlet for any frustration and a great way to get some cardio done!

Dan Luca Research Manager

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Job descriptionI manage projects large and small in various fields, however I most enjoy working on technology related research.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?Learning about how customers buy printing supplies in China and in the process discovering what authentic Chinese food tastes like.

What would be your dream project?Ethnography to observe technology usage among holiday makers.

Why market research?Why not? You gain insight into various other businesses and their customers - interesting.

Favourite foodsPickled watermelon – a treat for the taste buds!

Favourite places lived inLondon, of course. No explanation needed.

Favourite gadgetMy MP3 player. No, it’s not Apple.

Danielle Rodgerson Research Manager

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Job descriptionI am involved in all aspects of research projects from the proposal to writing the research findings.

Why market research?I stumbled across market research nearly 10 years ago. I think it was a good stumble given I’m still here! Each day is different, one day I can be analysing rail passenger views and the next writing about soft drinks!.

What would be your dream project?My dream project would be researching shoes…yes shoes! I have a serious shoe addiction.

Why market research?Why not? You gain insight into various other businesses and their customers - interesting.

Hobbies?Mainly include running and walking my dog. If you can call it a hobby shopping too…and yes you’ve guessed it for shoes!

Holiday/ travel destinations of choice?Although I do have a fear of flying I have managed to travel quite a distance to Australia, America, Singapore and will shortly be visiting Dubai on my honeymoon. I would love to travel around America one day.

Favourite foods?I have to say I have a very sweet tooth. I would skip a starter and a main any day and go straight for a dessert.

Dominika Wintersgill Research Manager

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Job descriptionPitch, win, design, manage, analyse, worry, deliver.

What do you like about your role?We have an unusual combination of fun yet slightly nerdy people obsessing together over some interesting research questions.

Why market research?I like to know who, why, where and what

What was the most rewarding task you have had to undertake?Any DWP project dealing with pension reform as it's about all of us.

Favourite foods?Dark chocolate, ideally made by Prestat. I run on chocolate.

HobbiesAnything to do with books (reading, rearranging, arguing over)

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher?Running an independent bookshop, so I could spend a whole day with books and where I could try to convince people that Name of the Rose is much better than the Da Vinci Code.

TV series you really enjoyed?Always and forever Seinfeld, because of George Costanza.


Emanuela Lombardi Research Operations Co-Ordinator

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Job descriptionI keep everyone organised, helping them make the most of their time. I also make sure we don’t miss out on any new business opportunity.

What do you most like about your role?The nature and the variety of our work. There is something new and interesting going on every day.

Favourite foodsPizza, chocolate, gelato, risotto, pasta al forno… my list is endless, guess where I am from?

HobbiesI love singing; I sing gospel, jazz, soul and house music. I also enjoy playing piano, painting, reading, watching films and going for a walk with my dog.

Favourite musicGospel, Jazz, funk, soulful, bossa-nova, classical, electronic and house music.

Favourite filmsI always try to avoid the teary and scary ones! My favourite film is Shine. I also liked The Pianist, Argo, 21 Grams, Schindler’s List, The Godfather, Philadelphia, American Beauty, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. I like thought-provoking films, although I could never say no to some good romance… so let’s mention also Bridget Jones’ diary, An Ideal Husband and The Bodyguard of course!

Most treasured item No doubt about that.. my iPhone! It has an app for anything you need – I couldn’t imagine how to get around London without a map-app!

Fiona Pannell Research Consultant

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Job descriptionSupporting senior staff in the smooth running of projects and conducting fieldwork.

What do you most like about your role?That we are encouraged to be involved in a wide variety of projects and methodologies. When I came to RS I wanted only to work on B2C qual work but after being put on B2B mixed method projects I have learnt that health insurance, printer toner and tea bag paper really can be very interesting

What would be your dream project?Helping to brand and position a carrier bag plastic/teaspoon /keyboard paint/plant seed (basically anything mundane and every day). I love seeing how with just a little bit of prompting people can become excited and enthusiastic about things that they normally pay no conscious attention to.

I like watching the transition during the groups when people start of feeling like they have no passion or opinions for these products and how by the end of the session they can be arguing with the person next to them about whether a red letter g in comic sans presents the illusion of environmentally friendly shopping as well as a Courier New purple g.

What would your dream job be if you were not a Market Researcher etc.?A public bathroom designer. The toilet is a space that you can do anything you want with and it’s always overlooked. There is an Italian themed restaurant in Battersea which plays Italian translation tapes in the toilets of drunken ‘girls night out’ speech: “She just spilled her drink on me so I pulled her hair". It’s a simple and cheap addition but its unique and it brings the theme alive and has such an impact. I will now take friends there just to show them that toilet. It’s little details like this that can make a big difference and I would love to be the one creating them.

Brand you really like“Stop looking at my bottom”. Innocent pay attention to the little details and it is these details that that make an intangible difference. In particular it is their packaging that I like because they have gone the extra mile to make it interesting. Innocent don’t just make their packaging fit with the personality of the brand. The packaging is the personality; enhancing the light-hearted, fun character of the brand. They pay attention to the details and they use them to entertain. These simple gestures help connect the consumer to the brand beyond simply liking the taste of the smoothies.

Favourite musicFolk, especially if there is a banjo involved. I like happy, energetic folk with yips, improv and audience participation (think sea shanties). I especially like it when the accent of the lead singer is so strong that I struggle to understand them.

Guy Garside Research Consultant

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Job descriptionAt the moment I’m working on both qualitative and quantitative studies, supporting the day-to-day running of the projects, conducting interviews, analysis and presenting findings to clients.

What do you most like about your role?We work across a wide range of sectors which I’m really enjoying at the moment as every day you learn something new. I think we’re also a really innovative company in the way we think, not just about conducting research with our online forums, but also how we present it- e.g. I’ve recently been editing video for a client presentation which has been fun putting together.

Why market research?Having studied languages, I have always been interested in understanding different people and what makes them tick. Research has fuelled my interest, understanding customers and consumers across the globe. Working in research demands an analytical mind and keeping or outputs digestible and engaging is a key challenge for us- and one I enjoy taking on.

What would be your dream project?I’m a football fan, and as the game increasingly becomes global ‘business’, it is a business that could really benefit from listening to its ‘consumers’. I think it’s a real shame that professional football has a terrible reputation with the general public and in recent years it’s been alienating its own fans. Governing bodies need to listen to clubs, and clubs need to listen to fans- I would to love to lead that study.

Favourite places lived inMarseille on my Erasmus year abroad- a fascinating place with a rich culture and history, and its socially acceptable to sit outside a café all day drinking Pastis, shouting and shrugging. Fantastic.

Favourite sport/ sporting teamI love football and support Arsenal. I have loved the beautiful game since I was tiny and I still get the same excitement from watching and playing it now- there are not many things in life like that.

Favourite filmsMy favourite film is Le Samouräi, directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. Apart from that, anything directed by Scorsese or with Christopher Walken in.

What annoys you?Madame Tussaud’s. I just don’t get it I’m afraid!

Ivonne Hoeger Research Consultant

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Job descriptionI work on both qualitative and quantitative research projects across a number of sectors. I get involved in all parts of the research process, from kick-off to final presentation.

What would be your dream project?There are two different things I would like to look at, a) investigating all the different factors that can have an impact on consumer decision making throughout the lifespan, or b) trying to understand what determines bilinguals’ language of choice when they are talking to people who speak the same languages.

Why market research?It seemed like the right next step after doing my PhD in Consumer Psychology, especially since in applied research there are more chances that your research has an immediate impact.

Holiday/ travel destination of choiceThe quieter places in Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca, but I also like visiting my family in Germany.

Favourite places lived inAfter I graduated from High School I spent three awesome years in Santa Barbara, California and I would gladly go back to that much slower pace of life.

TV series you really enjoyedBones, Castle, Big Bang Theory, New Girl.

Favourite filmsThe Lives of Others.

Favourite bands/ musiciansBruce Springsteen.

Favourite authorJohn Grisham, Harlan Coban.

Julie Hindmarch Research Director

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Job descriptionUncovering insight which is not only interesting and unexpected, but which helps our clients make key business decisions.

What do you most like about your role?The fascinating breadth of business that we work across, talking to everyone from kayakers to diamond cutters to oncologists.

What was the most exciting/ rewarding task you had to undertake?Ethnographic research in Seoul: interviewing people in their homes to uncover their attitudes towards germs. An extraordinary week in which I learned how to bow, took my shoes off more times than I can count, and found out that Korean toilets are the world’s most advanced, complex and terrifying technological development.

What would your dream job be if you were not a market researcher etc.?Travel photographer.

TV series you really enjoyed?The West Wing (Jed Bartlet for PM, please!), and Poldark (How can they even be thinking about a remake?!!).

Favourite filmsGone With The Wind. “If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill… I'll never be hungry again!”: very much my personal philosophy.

What annoys you?Carrot Cake. Vegetables simply have no place in a dessert.

Favourite gadgetMy lovely shiny chromy Pavoni espresso machine, which performs an absolutely vital role in getting me out of the house in the morning.

Kate Anderson Joint Managing Director

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Job descriptionLeading research and business development across our four brands.

What do you most like about your role?I get to work with such a dynamic, diverse and passionate team. I’m never bored, I’m constantly learning, I’m inspired and energised by the work that we do and the impact that it has. How lucky am I?

What was the most exciting project you have worked on?Running a customer advisory board for FedEx I got to go to the Ferrari test track at Maranello and meet Jean Todt – pretty high octane. But really the projects that get me most excited are the ones that make the biggest impact. Seeing a plant filled to capacity, watching the reforms tackle the pensions’ crisis, seeing an ad that hits the nail on the head – those are the most exciting points for me.

Why market research?I love knowing why, I love fixing problems.

HobbiesRunning around with my kids. Eating curry. Getting together with family and friends. All of the above, at a festival, in the mud and with a pint or two of yummy bitter to hand – who could want for more?

Where could you live?I love Mexico City – it’s much maligned and down at heal but in reality it’s super friendly, energetic and warm. I’m not sure about driving though. If I never again get to sit in a car reversing at speed onto one of the busiest roundabouts in Mexico City, it will be a day too soon.

TV series you really enjoyedI loved the original Shameless and you can’t top it – down to earth, icnonoclastic, funny.

Who do you most admire? (living or dead)Doreen Lawrence - I am in awe of her composure, her perseverance and her lack of deference. Proving that the (wo)man in the street can stand up for what is right and bring about real change.

Favourite bands/musiciansIn the daytime, It’s got to be beardy-weirdy musos with harmonies –the likes of Magic Numbers, Goldheart Assembly, Midlake in the evening give me some James Brown, The Gossip, Franz Ferdinand, anything involving Jack White.

Kate Downer Research Director

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Job descriptionSolving problems. Usually involves research; often involves Post-Its; always involves tea.

What do you most like about your role?I like that we work hard and make stuff happen, but we’re an incredibly caring company: that’s reflected in our standards and the way we treat our clients. I’ve worked alongside some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met here, yet there’s nothing precious about us. And it would be remiss of me not to mention that Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name of is our unofficial corporate anthem. I like that about us a lot.

What was the most exciting project you have worked on?In-store interviews with the women of Mexico and Canada about a clothing range. I painted myself into many a corner discussing jeans sizes, ate more dulce de leche than is healthy, and learned lots, including some very niche Spanish vocabulary.

What is the most exciting/ rewarding task you have had to undertake?It sounds trite, but hand on heart, most of the research I do is rewarding. For me, the most worthwhile research does something to empower people – it gets them to a better place than they were in before. Lots of the research that I do helps people to make better decisions – typically really important financial decisions that make their lives better in some way.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher?Professional grammar pedant. Writer of pretentious novels. Captain of the GB fencing team. Pie-maker. Pie-eater. Decisions, decisions.

TV series you really enjoyedI'm something of an authority on 60’s spy-fi classic the Avengers.

Ambition in lifeAs Ben Franklin (and, er, Eminem) put it, you can do anything you set your mind to. So when I grow up, I want to be Mrs. Peel out of the Avengers: a formidable fencer who could have solved the pensions crisis before breakfast.

Favourite booksI read On Strike Against God when I was 16 and I’ve never been quite the same since.

Favourite pensionEnhanced top-hat scheme. Final salary flavour, please.

Favourite musicI could write about this for hours, but I generally come back to some old friends. Among them are the Pixies, Arcade Fire, Tori Amos, the Clash, Radiohead, David Bowie. I properly love David Bowie.

Kerry Robinson Research Manager

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Job descriptionHelp clients to make informed and good commercial decisions by conducting research to help them identify/manage/solve their businesses challenges.

What do you most like about your role?I like that the challenges you help to solve are so varied from day to day – one day you will be working on understanding a niche consumer market, the next you are helping a multinational B2B company to make big decisions

What would be your dream project?Working on a multiple markets project where I had to travel the globe to oversee the research and immerse myself into each culture

HobbiesI can be a real nerd – I like reading about anything from fiction to quantum physics, to abnormal psychology… I like crosswords, I enjoy running, horse riding, travelling etc…

Holiday/ travel destination of choiceAny type of tropical island – like from the movie “The Beach”.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher etc.?Neuro-psychologist.

Brand you likeConverse.

Favourite musicIndie, rock, folk, ska, reggae, punk...

Favourite booksThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, The Power of One, The End of Mr. Y... many more.

Favourite gadgetiPhone (Obviously).

Lorena Arrospide Research Manager

Job descriptionI help to develop and carry out explorations into people attitudes and behaviours, uncovering insights which inform organisations’ key decisions.

What do you most like about your role?The sheer variety across projects’ subject matters: from easy-to-chew food for the elderly to luxury cars...

Why market research?Cliché yet true: people are rather interesting. Discovering what they think and feel is something I’ll happily do.

What was the most exciting/ rewarding task you have had to undertake?I am about to embark on fieldwork in several Brazilian cities broadly to research the huge influx of Chinese goods.

Holiday/ travel destinations of choice?Too many places to name. They always involve the sun, sea and exploration - preferably outdoors.

Favourite places lived inBarcelona – a dream! Good atmosphere, beautiful architecture and fantastic nearby escapes.

Favourite foodsI’d have to say Ceviche, one of the many culinary delights of Peru, which is where I’m from. Nothing like extremely fresh, raw fish.

Dream dinner guestsSigmund Freud – endlessly fascinating!

Favourite booksA Fine Balance; generally novels about characters’ lives with a particular historical period as a backdrop.

TV series you really enjoyedI don’t watch much TV but my flatmate has gotten me hooked on Modern Family, hilarious!

Louise Amantani Senior Research Consultant

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Job descriptionI work more on qualitative projects, both market and social research at all stages. My favourite parts are interviewing, analysis and reporting.

What do you most like about your role?We have a really diverse range of nationalities, backgrounds, interests and personalities, and we listen and learn from each other

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?A project for a major energy supplier, asking its vulnerable customers about their needs. It involved in-home interviews with people who were often coping with physical or mental health conditions, and most were also experiencing varying degrees of poverty and loneliness. If like me you’ve come from a middle class background, your exposure to people much worse off than you tends to be mediated through newspaper statistics – seeing how they lived gave me a new level of insight.

Why market research?Having come from a background in academic research, I wanted to apply my analytical skills in a context where they would have a more immediate and measurable impact.

Favourite booksThe Corrections – Jonathan Franzen (like The Sound and the Fury, a book where you see characters from the outside and then they narrate and you learn to empathise with them too – it’s a narrative technique that’s a lesson in kindness), Ulysses – James Joyce, Midnight’s Children – Salman Rushdie (two books where the poetic richness invests every word with magic), Age of Extremes – Eric Hobsbawm (the funniest history book I’ve ever read), Gender Trouble – Judith Butler (the greatest feminist book of all time).

Favourite filmsThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Nuts In May, The Big Lebowski, Jamón Jamón, Eraserhead, Little Miss Sunshine, The Informant!

Favourite bands/ musiciansOrbital (their 1995 Glastonbury gig transformed the way people experience live dance music, which then moved from nightclubs to festivals), Pulp (nobody combines social commentary and psychological insight like Jarvis), Pavement, Wilco, Mogwai (pretty much single-handedly invented post-rock), Andrew Bird (best whistling ever in indie music), Yo La Tengo (a 50-something married couple and a friend that still make more original sounds than any emerging teenage band)

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher/ accountant/ developer etc.?Researcher for the Latin American division of Amnesty International – I did a PhD on literature under the Pinochet dictatorship so it’s something I feel very strongly about.

TV series you really enjoyedThe West Wing (because it performs, as well as examines, democracy – it engages the audience in a (inter)national debate about the function, praxis and values of politics, Parks and Recreation (the comedy equivalent of The West Wing), Breaking Bad (watching the evolution of Mr Chips into Scarface), Futurama (better than the Simpsons) and Peep Show (the best odd-couple sitcom of all time).

Dream dinner guestsSlavoj Zizek, Daniel Kitson, Malcolm Gladwell, @TroutEyes, Helen and Olly from Answer Me This. All guests who should be able to combine comedy and intellectual debate.

Mark Haines IT Director

More information coming soon...

J Mark May VP and Principal RS - Consulting USA

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Job descriptionRespond to client requests for proposals, scope out projects, manage projects to a successful conclusion

Why market research?I would prefer this to say Why marketing consulting: It is a very satisfying job to have a client present a problem, the bigger the better, and through intensely studying the market, to devise solutions for that client, and then watch the client succeed going forward.

What has been the most exciting/ rewarding task you have had to undertake?I once did an acquisition evaluation for a Fortune 50 company. We had to evaluate the acquisition’s likely future success in 20 markets world wide with three end user segments, and we had a three week deadline. We heard a couple of years later that our growth projections were within a quarter percent of the actual.

Favourite foodsTex-Mex, BBQ and cowboy cooking. I am a product of my youth growing up in west Texas.

HobbiesI do adult ballet classes. Great aerobic exercise, and great for balance, memory, and flexibility. I am also into using DNA testing for genealogical purposes. I have my own web site for people with the MAY surname, with over 250 members.

Favourite place lived inChicago! World class city.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher?Investment banker. M & A work is very fast paced and exciting.

TV series you really enjoyedI love British produced TV in general, zany comedies, period dramas and spooky stuff too, like “Life on Mars” and “Ashes to Ashes”. I love the work of writers Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah. I understand they have a new series, but it takes a while for British TV series to make it across the pond.

TV series you really enjoyedOver the course of my life, I have always found musicals to be my favourites, either as film or stage productions. “West Side Story”, “All that Jazz”, “Cabaret” and so forth. I love great songs and great dancing. We recently went to see an “Oklahoma!” revival by the Chicago Lyric Opera, loved it.

What skill do you have that most people would not know about?I am highly skilled at producing and directing Halloween Haunted Houses. I learned it at University and have helped with several since I graduated. I can do make up, lighting, train actors and build props for really scary special effects and illusions.

Martin Wootton Research Director

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Job descriptionI’m responsible for the company’s business and consumer technology research

What do you most like about your role?I’ve been with the company since 2000. What’s kept me here is the people – clever buggers from all around the world, who keep me on my toes and challenge my thinking.

What has been the most exciting/ rewarding task you have had to undertake?Flying around Canada to talk to women about their underwear preferences!

HobbiesMaking music – I spent my formative years playing the piano in hotels, restaurants and with local bands, and still play whenever I get the chance.

Favourite place lived inParis – for the atmosphere, the architecture and the food and wine. Especially the latter.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher?Rock star, a dream that is now fading along with my hairline.

Favourite sport/ sporting teamDarts. A much under-rated sport that combines manual dexterity, maths, gamesmanship and physical strength with beer and cheesy music. Bliss.

Neil Criggie Research Consultant

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Job descriptionSolving a range of challenging business problems for our clients

What do you most like about your role?It’s all happening – there’s so much variety. We work across such a wide range of sectors that there’s always something new to learn about. It also really helps your general knowledge, very useful for Pub Quiz machines.

Why market research?I think it’s mainly down to the variation, there’s a lot of innovation in the industry so you have to keep learning and the chance to have a good nose into other people’s lives.

Favourite foodsEverything. I’m a big fan of eating as much as I possibly can, whether it’s a second lunch or 6 helpings at a buffet. But if I had to pick one dish it would be stovies. Which is a traditionally bog standard Scottish dish of potatoes, onions and any leftover meat (so usually like corned beef or sausages), slowly fried and then stewed together with plenty of lard. Add a bit of brown sauce and bread and butter and I am very happy guy.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcherRunning a wee sandwich and tea shop in a seaside town somewhere.

TV series you really enjoyedGavin & Stacey. I think it’s just a brilliant comedy about the quirks of everyday life. The episode where they all order a curry and get drunk is quite brilliant.

Favourite sporting teamRaith Rovers

Dream dinner guestsJamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay & Lorraine Kelly.

Neil Simpson Research Consultant

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Job descriptionI develop, implement and report on research projects in order to generate useful insights.

Why market research?Well, mostly because I really like systematically figuring out why things are happening but also because I believe that better decisions are made when they are informed by rigorous research.

What would be your dream project?My background is in policy and research in the public sector, particularly in relation to people in vulnerable situations, so my dream project would be one where our research had tangible benefits on people’s wellbeing.

Favourite place lived inScotland. I’ve been here nearly all of my life, mostly in Edinburgh and Glasgow. With the referendum approaching in only a few months, it’s a really amazing time to be here; people are becoming very engaged politically. The weather is always really nice too!

TV series you really enjoyedBy some distance, my favourite TV series is The Wire, a drama about the complex relationships between the police, drug dealers and politicians in Baltimore. I like it because it uses drama and fiction to try to reflect broader social issues, particularly the way that social problems can be the result of systemic problems with a society, rather than individual failings.

Favourite albumI thought this would be a good question to answer as people don’t seem to listen to whole albums anymore, and as music seems to be more used for background than as the sole focus of attention. The last record I listened to all the way through, and which is fast becoming a favourite, is a decidedly odd album of electronic music called ‘Traditional music of notional species Vol. 1’ and was made by a guy from Berlin called Rashad Becker.

Niall Baker Associate Director

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Job descriptionDelivering research projects to a high standard, whether qualitative or quantitative.

What do you like about RS/LF/CR/mruk?Four really strong brands with the opportunity to work across sectors and broaden your perspectives.

Why market research?I typically get to learn something new on every project and see how findings have an impact on clients and their customers

HobbiesRunning, cycling, bread making.

Favourite place lived inBelfast, a great place to grow up.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher?Professional athlete of some description, or owner of an artisan bakery with a bike workshop on the side.

Favourite sport/ sporting teamUlster Rugby, the first Irish team to win the European Cup.


Paula Irigaray Research Consultant

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Job descriptionGetting involved in and learning about all aspects of helping organisations answer their most challenging questions.

What do you most like about your role?The opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects across many sectors. The feeling that there is always something new going on, new ways of doing things. And not least, the working atmosphere, everyone is very friendly and willing to help each other.

Why market research?It helps organisations to understand what their customers think and to anticipate their needs.

HobbiesPlaying padel (a well-known sport in Spain, where I am from). It is a blend of tennis and squash and you always play in pairs. I also like walking around London to find any new restaurant, shop or hidden corner of the city. Some of the most interesting places that I found were independent shops in Victoria Park Village and a nice waterside café close to Little Venice where I had a traditional English breakfast.

Most memorable holidayIn the summer of 2014 I did my dream trip: travelling along the historic route 66 in the US. I enjoyed some of the most beautiful landscapes while driving my rental mortorhome; hiked in some of the most impressive natural parks in the world and learned more about the American culture. I especially liked the cycle ride from San Francisco to a coastal village next to it, called Sausalito. The Golden Gate Bridge and view from it is amazing.

Favourite filmsI am interested in human stories and so Schindler's list, Slumdog Millionaire, Blood Diamond and Memoirs of a Geisha are amongst my favourites.

Brand you really likeBrandy Melville. I discovered it when I was doing my exchange program in Los Angeles. I was hooked in by its laid-back and Californian style.

Paul Cussell System Network and Development Executive

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Job descriptionMaking sure everything works and developing innovative new systems, whether that is programs or architecture.

What do you most like about your role?The variety of work that is carried out with the different techniques, ethos and requirements.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?Having the freedom to create new systems from scratch.

What would be your dream project?Working with a huge technology firm where a product I have helped to devise and deliver is being utilised by millions of individuals.

Favourite foodsRoast dinners, hot ham with vegetables, mashed potatoes and pickle, roast duck and pork special with fried rice.

TV series you have really enjoyed24, Son’s Of Anarchy, Jericho, Firefly, Farscape, Stargate, Star Trek.

Favourite sport/ sporting teamCrystal Palace

Most treasured itemMemories and my cats.

Favourite booksLord of the Rings, Game of Thrones.

What annoys you?Negativity

Paul Malone Accounts Executive

Job descriptionIt’s all about the money – paying it out to our great staff and suppliers and receiving it from our grateful clients.

What do you most like about your role?A chilled company with chilled-out individuals

Why market research?The sector was one I’d never worked in before.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher, accountant etc.?Professional sportsman – to play a sport you love and get paid for doing so...

HobbiesI enjoy playing football and like watching sport live or on the TV – I’ll watch anything that moves.

Holiday/ travel destination of choiceCyprus - party capital and idyllic beaches.

Favourite place lived inYou can’t beat London on a warm summer day.

Favourite foodsSunday roast – you just can’t beat it

TV series you have really enjoyedCSI New York – great crime series with a great cast

Favourite sport/ sporting teamI enjoy playing most sports and support one of the foremost football clubs in South London - Crystal Palace of course (who else could it be)

Most treasured itemMemories and my cats.

Favourite filmsShawshank Redemption – a truly uplifting film.

The Usual Suspects – I just remembered what a great twist, right at the end, this had when I first watched it in the cinema.

Favourite musicEclectic mix – from 80s to 00s

Favourite gadgetiPod – listening to whatever music YOU enjoy without justification.

Peggy Young Associate Director

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Job descriptionTo help my clients understand their markets, what their needs are and offer products and services they truly need – not what the client thinks they need!

What do you most like about your role?The company employs a lot of really bright people so your own views and opinions are constantly being challenged. We are quite a sociable bunch and not in the least bit hierarchical – everybody has an important role to play and that is recognised.

Why market research?I often ask myself this question and given I have been in the industry for more than 30 years I find that slightly worrying! But, seriously, I truly enjoy talking to consumers and businesses about current issues, new product ideas etc.

Pek Cheou Autain Research Consultant

Job descriptionMarket research, data compilation and analysis, coordination with suppliers and reporting to client.

What would be your dream project?To work on projects involving new technologies and advances in science, especially on the applications of bio-technologies into the customers’ space.

Why market research?I enjoy working in market research because it gives an interesting and real insight into actions and behaviour.

Favourite foodsI am vegetarian; my favourite foods are spicy Malaysian curry and ‘Nasi Lemak’.

Dream dinner guestsAgatha Christie, who must have fascinating stories to bring about during a dinner, given her captivating novels and her own personal life as she travelled frequently with her husband who was a renowned archaeologist at the time.

What annoys you?When I commute on crowded trains and see less-able-to-stand people not being offered seats by other passengers not paying attention to their surroundings.

Phil Stubington Director

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Job descriptionFinding answers to client problems through market and social research.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?Depth interviews in Asia. Being on the last flight into Hong Kong before a typhoon closed down the airport. Having to do interviews in a café in an underground shopping mall because said typhoon made it unsafe to leave the hotel at ground level.

What is the most exciting/ rewarding task you have had to undertake?Depth interviews in Taiwan just when it was “opening-up”. Brutal climate, no signs in English and a native language you can’t read. Taxi’s leaving the hotel taking a short-cut through the hospital ambulance loading bay next door.

What would be your dream project?Doing depth interviews on a beach in summer. Oh we’re about to do that and we get to save lives if we do the research well!

Favourite place lived inChicago. It’s called the Great American city for a reason. We used to do focus group debriefs at 11pm in the roof top bar on the Hancock Building.

TV series you really enjoyedA toss-up between The Wire and the re-imagining of Battlestar Galatica; the high of watching genre peak and the end inevitable low at then when a realise that no-one will equal it again. An honouree mention for the Shield; if the Wire is a vintage red wine then The Shield is crack-cocaine. I once watched an entire series in one session.

Favourite musicMusic for working – the Trance Nation series. Interesting, yet just unobtrusive enough not to distract when you’re building a complex spreadsheet.

Most treasured itemFor a long time it was my portable DVD player. It kept me sane in year when I flew a hundred thousand miles and went to and from States almost monthly.

Favourite band/musiciansLive – Bruce Springsteen. The three hour sets, the huge back catalogue which means he’s always playing stuff you’ve forgotten about, the fact the dreaded bit where he “plays the new material” is actually good.

Favourite booksGoing to cheat here and pick the LA Quartet by James Elroy. Four crime novels of breath-taking ambition and scope.

Rachel Cope Research Director

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Job descriptionFinding answers to client problems through market and social research.

What do you most like about your role?No matter what the project or client challenge, because our backgrounds are so varied, there’s always someone who’s been there and got the T-shirt.

Why market research?Why not? Came across it somewhat accidentally but I liked the variety within the sector, hence I’m still here.

Favourite foodsAn oven baked jacket potato… probably with cheese and homemade coleslaw.

HobbiesAnything outdoors and active. Coaching rowing is probably the hobby that takes up most of my time.

Holiday/ travel destination of choiceAnywhere I can surf.

Favourite place lived inValencia (not known for its surfing, but I have fond memories)

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher/ accountant/ developer etc:Sports psychologist.

What annoys you the most?Loud conversations on the train….and I spend a lot of time on trains!

Reena Nemchand Senior Research Consultant

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Job descriptionHelping my clients uncover key questions about their business. I build knowledge about the market (through their stakeholders) and translate that knowledge into something that they can use.

What do you most like about your role?We have a great ethos on how we research for our clients – we all play a key role when working on projects and are encouraged to be consultants as well as researchers.

Why market research?To be honest, research was like a blind date that worked out pretty well. I wasn’t 100% sure what research would involve but thankfully it is something I love doing. It satisfies my curious mind as well as my interest in seeing businesses develop and move forward.

What would be your dream project?I am a sucker for explorative research that involves understanding why customers or businesses do what they do. It would be a treat if I could work with an aspiring global brand to help them understand how they can enter new markets – oh wait, I have done that.

HobbiesI have always been interested in dance, so I am a regular attendee of belly dance and street dance classes. I also enjoy photography so you may catch me at events or performances shooting away with my Canon 5D MII.

Ambition in lifeEver since I was little I dreamt of being an entrepreneur. I have at least 10 business ideas so who knows!

Favourite foodsI have a terrible weakness for seafood; especially shellfish (blame my Mauritian roots). I wouldn’t turn down a good glass of champagne either ;-)

Favourite musicMy taste in music is worldly. I also grew up listening to music from the 70s onwards - so quite a diverse playlist.

Three things you could not live withoutI wouldn’t live without my family (including my cats), my car, and my hair – they play a huge role in my everyday life!

Rhiannon Jones Research Manager

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Job descriptionSeeing research projects through from brief to debrief; talking to people, interpreting what they say and helping to make it relevant, exciting and useful to clients.

What do you most like about your role?Every day is different; you can be working on a project about women and their period pain one day and innovation in premium bottled ale the next!

Why market research?The perfect combination of people watching, thinking and learning something new every day.

Favourite foodsPopcorn – salty or sweet, but not together

Favourite places livedSouth America for 3 months; beautiful places, great food, great weather and llamas wearing jewellery and knitted jumpers.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher/ accountant/ developer etc?Film critic because it would give me an excuse to go to the cinema every day and get paid for it.

TV series you really enjoyedThe Office because I laugh at something I hadn’t noticed before every time I watch it.

Dream dinner guestsDavid Attenborough, Meryl Streep, Ricky Gervais, Kate Moss, Susan Sarandon.

Brand you likeVogue

Richard H. Barnes Principal - RS Consulting USA

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Job descriptionEnable clients to solve problems and grow their businesses by providing marketing insights, information, and advice

What do you most like about your role?I like working with smart and creative colleagues who want to “do it right” and help clients to solve their problems and grow their businesses.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?All projects are exciting, whether strategic or tactical. But to pick 2 examples, A) developing a market entry strategy – with sales and share projections - for a French manufacturer of a radical new product for the electrical supply industry, and B) generating ideas for new products and promotions to dramatically increase sales of industrial fans.

Why market research?I would say market research and consulting. I like the research for the thrill of discovery and consulting for the satisfaction of having a positive impact on the client’s business.

Favourite foodsGenerally speaking I like my food simple but “strong”. Some of my favourites are: seafood - raw or cooked; BBQ – chopped or slice and with tomato-based or vinegar-based sauce; sweet onions, preferably from Vidalia, Georgia and either fried or raw; and lastly fruit pies.

HobbiesMy daddy was a golf professional and so I grew up playing golf and continue to work at it today. I once had a dream of playing the guitar like Duane Allman, and so I took up guitar. Then one thing led to another, and I now mess around with the mandolin.

Favourite shopIf I could I would have as many hats and caps as Imelda Marcos had shoes, and so the Hats Plus store in Chicago is a favourite place to browse and buy.

Favourite bands/musiciansAs a kid growing up in the South, the Allman Brothers Band were (still are) THE band, and they got inspiration from Muddy Waters, thus another favourite. Over the years I have come to love the funky rhythms of Thelonious Monk and the eclectic range of Merle Haggard’s country music.

Rodolfo Crespo Research Consultant

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Job descriptionAn interesting variety of tasks throughout each stage of the research project life, often focused on numbers. I take the binary and give it a 3D reality.

What do you most like about your role?People make the difference and I think we´re very lucky to have formed not only a talented and skilled group of people but also a committed and friendly one.

Why market research?I must admit this wasn´t my plan but an internship diverted my way... and I am really glad that has happened! Market research is about listening to people, is there anything more democratic than that?

What would be your dream project?Every new project I work on is my dream project!

Holiday/ travel destination of choiceAny break in Córdoba, my hometown in Spain, is always welcome!

Favourite foodsSeafood, seafood, seafood.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher/ accountant/ developer etc?I´ve always been fascinated by stock markets… so being a self-employed trader in a sunny terrace with sea view sounds like a good dream job to me.

TV series you really enjoyedThe Simpsons – the older I watch it, the more I appreciate how brilliantly they introduce societal criticism behind the jokes...

Favourite filmsWall Street or The Godfather but please note, sequels are never good!

Favourite sport/ sporting teamFootball, FC Barcelona, tiki-taka...

Sandria Terrelonge Accounts and Payroll Advisor

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Job descriptionI do the biggest job of all, making sure we are paid in time to enjoy the fruits of our work.

What do you most like about your role?The people make this company!

What is the most rewarding task you have had to undertake?Seeing everyone getting their lovely pay on time is reward enough for me.

HobbiesWhere do I start? Badminton, netball, walking, 5k jogging and last but by no means least reading, when I can fit it in!

Holiday/ travel destination of choiceCaribbean and SE Asia but I love travelling. I have travelled all the continents except Antarctica, which I’m hoping to do very soon. Watch this space!!

Favourite foodsAnything Thai.

Favourite albumSongs in the Key of Life - Stevie Wonder, Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross and Something to Love by L.T.D

Ambition in lifeTo retire at 55 and travel the world – not long now!!

Favourite booksA Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown and Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Who do you admire most? (living or dead)Martin Luther King, Jr and my Grandma!

Dream dinner guestsBarak Obama, Neale Donald Walsh, Gladys Knight and Cupcake Brown

What annoys you?Bad language and anyone who deliberately hurt others. Mentally or physically.

What is your best achievment so far?Being part of London Olympic 2012. As a volunteer I enjoyed the whole idea of sharing and making even more friends.

Sania Haq Senior Research Consultant

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Job descriptionI’m involved in all aspects of the research process. I work across all sectors, but have a particular interest in social research and working with minority communities.

What do you most like about your role?I love the fact that we all have such different research backgrounds and skills. I think this is a real strength as we learn so much from each other, which I think ultimately makes us all better at what we do.

What was the most exciting/ rewarding task you had to undertake?The most rewarding projects are ones where I feel our work will improve peoples’ lives. These tend to be social research projects, particularly those with vulnerable communities. I really believe in the power of research and so every time I work such projects, it reinforces why I love being a researcher.

What would be your dream project?To look at the impact of sports on society. I believe that sport builds self-confidence and determination from a young age, so I would want to understand how these qualities benefit people in later life.

HobbiesI’m a bit obsessed with physical activity and spend most of my time outside work playing tennis or at dance classes.

Brand you really likeI love Nike. Though there are some ethical concerns surrounding the working conditions of their suppliers, overall, I think the company does a lot of good for society. I particularly admire them for using their advertising and marketing campaigns to encourage women to take part in physical activity, and convince wider society that it is a positive thing for women to do. As a female who has always been involved in sport, I have personally felt the benefits of such campaigns and feel that they have made my life easier.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher/ accountant/ developer etc?I would be Serena Williams!

Steve Cunningham Finance Manager

Job descriptionI provide financial accounting and management reporting services whilst helping the Joint MD to achieve the financial objectives.

What do you most like about your role?A nice bunch of people work here which fosters a good working environment and the company is an ideal size so that you can actively contribute and see the impact.

Why market research?I enjoy interacting with researchers at all levels and in multiple industries depending on their areas of expertise. At RS particularly there are diverse, interesting and well known clients whose products and services you can identify with from both the public and private sectors.

HobbiesPlaying racquet sports, watching movies, reading and listening to music.

What would be your dream job if you were not a market researcher/ accountant/ developer etc?Reflecting my hobbies, playing sport at the highest level for a living would be great or I’d like to be a top film or restaurant critic.

K. Susan HeintzPrincipal and leader of the channel practice - RS Consulting USA

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Job descriptionI help companies get their products and services to market effectively and efficiently

Why market researchMarket research is an important component of the work I do. It helps companies decide where and how to focus at every level of the supply chain and helps ensure that investments in time, people and money will generate a solid return.

What was the most exciting/rewarding task you have had to undertake?I’ve worked on a number of major business transformations in my 30 years as a consultant – including projects at IBM, AT&T and, most recently, Huawei. The most personally rewarding, however, occurred early in my career on a project for a graphics workstation company funded by venture capital. I was so proud that our research proved – beyond a doubt – that the market for the company’s current product was over -- and shared the bad news with the venture’s senior execs. The CEO said to me: “Look, these people have put their hearts and souls into this company. You can’t just deliver the bad news and leave. Help them.” And so, I worked to find a way to transform the company’s technology into a new business model for a market that was just beginning to take off. I carry that lesson with me always.

What would be your dream project?It’s always the same – helping to transform a company from a direct-only sales organization to one able to thrive in a multi-channel environment. It’s like remodelling a house. You wouldn’t just add four walls to a home and call it a new room. You’d make sure you integrated the heating, the electrical, the sound system, the flooring and colours. Every aspect of the original home is affected. It’s the same way for companies moving to multiple channels. Lots of puzzle pieces have to come together. Lots of people have to work together in new ways.

HobbiesDancing is more than a hobby; it’s a passion. I used to be a purist – ballet only – because of its gorgeous geometry and discipline. Now I enjoy learning everything – hip-hop, Latin, ballroom. The common denominator is the great feeling I get when I “paint the music” with my body. Oh! – The roar of the crowds isn’t bad, either. This past year, I was a member of the senior dance team for the Chicago Bulls basketball team. We danced at home games in front of 25,000 cheering fans! Fabulous!

Favourite place lived inThere were two: Basking Ridge, New Jersey because of the gorgeous, rolling hills and the food. (For the first time, I was really able to get in touch with my Italian roots!) And then, London – no other city I’ve lived in delivers this level of energy on such a “human” scale.

What would be your dream job if you were not chanel practice leaderI think I would have made a great diagnostician. I have the ability to put information together in unconventional, non-linear, ways and, often, can leapfrog to a really sound conclusion. My parents wanted me to be a scientist. Maybe they were right. (Oh God – did I really say that!)

Favourite musicI just had a look at my iTunes – and it’s a jumble of genres and artists! I love classical music – Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Brahms – to work to. On late Friday afternoons, I pull out the 40’s hits with some wine – Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable” is my all-time favourite single. And, when I want to drive my husband crazy, I turn up Justin Timberlake and Beyonce and dance!

Vanessa FouscasResearch Manager

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Job descriptionResponsible for making the project ideals a reality; from dealing with suppliers to delivering the final report to clients.

What do you most like about your role?The people are incredible, there is always somebody giving you a hand when you need it.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on?A project I’ve done in Mexico City for an IT manufacturer where we had to understand how the market was evolving. I loved the idea of being inside the non-formal channel and seeing first-hand what happens.

What would be your dream project?I really like challenges so I imagine a project where we need to explore the product/market first (qualitative phase) and use the findings to design a quantitative research that will enable us to quantify the results.

HobbiesI love to travel and it really doesn’t matter where. Last Easter I woke up on on the Friday and decided to go for a short trip (1 day maybe?) so I packed some clothes and left home heading south, I ended up in Brussels and returned home 3 days later.

Favourite place lived inI’ve lived in London for 3 years and there is always something going on: theatre, concerts, lots of restaurants, markets, museums, parks (better if it’s sunny) etc. so it is very difficult you get bored.

Most treasured itemMy passport! As a Peruvian I go nowhere without it.

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