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The Seedbed


How do you go about identifying the commercial opportunities exist for your organisation? Often the answers are there in front of you, you just need to know where to find it. We can help you gather together the intelligence that already exists within your organisation, synthesise it and generate insights about your audience or your target market. We can also help you identify and plug the gaps in your knowledge so that you can start to focus your efforts in exactly the right direction.

  • Harvest the tacit knowledge already held within your organisation. We can help you uncover those pearls of wisdom and the organic knowledge that is your greatest corporate asset.
    • Our expertly moderated insight workshops gather together the voices that matter so you can focus on the things that count
    • An internal information audit can bring together disparate pieces of research, data and anecdote to build a more complete picture of what you know (but may not have realised!) and what you don't
  • Learn what's being said about you in the social media world - the good, the bad and the ugly. Our social media monitoring team are experts in translating the noise into actionable insight and the latest semiotic techniques can cut through to the cultural nuances and uncover hidden meanings.
  • Convert the thousands of unique characteristics of your customer base into manageable and useful archetypes, enabling you to shape your innovation around clearly defined customer segments. Using latest ethnographic techniques we bring to life your customers and create memorable personas.

We'll find out the facts and help you generate the insights you need underpin your innovation. Whether it's rigorously uncovering and reporting on what's out there or conducting primary research to generate fresh insight, we can help get off to the right start.

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