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Our market research tools and techniques - and how you can benefit

We are experts in a range of specialist tools and techniques, just click on the listings below to find out more. First and foremost it's our capacity to blend solutions from a number of diverse methods in order to cast light on specific business problems that differentiates us from the competition.


Small surveys, big surveys, very big surveys. Face-to-face, online or by telephone. Ad hoc or trackers. We're methodologically neutral and we know enough to recommend the best method for you.

Our aim is always to keep it as simple as possible – but if we need fancy maths, we've got people who really can count. Time series analyses, correspondence analysis, cluster and factor analysis, correlations, trade-offs, neural networks and frontier analysis are among the techniques we can apply.

And we've developed innovative approaches in core areas such as brand tracking, segmentation and customer satisfaction.

But no matter how sophisticated the analysis, we never lose sight of the need to communicate our findings clearly and simply.


We love qual!

Each year we conduct hundreds of workshops, groups and depths across the world. Our expert moderators and interviewers speak with everyone from C-suite decision-makers to some of the most vulnerable people in society, and everyone in between.

Often we still do it the good old fashioned way of talking to people face to face, at our place or theirs, or over the phone. But we're also enthusiastic about new ways of communicating, using online solutions like bulletin boards, diaries and discussion groups. In fact, we're so committed to innovative new ways of engagement that we developed our own award-winning online qualitative tool, e-luminate.

Increasingly though, we like to take a back seat and just let our participants do the talking - accompanied shops (real or virtual), blogging and vlogging, photo diaries and ethnography are all part of our toolkit too.

And with so much creative output from our research, we can focus on making sure our clients see and hear the story loud and clear both in pictures and in words.

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