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Capturing in-the-moment travel experiences

Bringing the passenger experience to life

When understanding the passenger experience it helps to capture reactions as the customer actually experiences the service. Relying on post experience reflections loses the raw emotional response whilst allowing other factors to come into play.

A PTE came to us looking to better understand metro passenger perceptions and experiences throughout the whole journey process. They also wanted to see first-hand what their customers’ were experiencing. We used e-luminate to capture in-the-moment responses from public transport users whilst travelling on the metro. This method also ensured passengers gave honest and truthful responses, which may not have been voiced in a group setting.

Participants took photos and videos during their journey to explain their answers and provide insight into their journey experience as it happened. By downloading e-luminate onto a smartphone ahead of a journey they recorded events offline, uploading their responses once above ground (or on wifi).

Our client could see their customers’ experience with real clarity. It gave context to customer’s comments and feedback, giving clearer direction.

e-luminate - bringing to life the behaviours and motivations of the people that matter to you

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