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Promoting sustainable transport amongst teenagers

Centro - making their website work for all stakeholders

Centro wanted to encourage the use of sustainable transport modes among teenagers. Essential to the success of the project was e-luminate’s data collection channels on which we tailored appeal to a youth audience. Because of e-luminate we were able to:

  • engage teenagers across the West Midlands in a secure, familiar, safe environment, using tablets, phones, laptops etc
  • get real-time feedback used to design client’s website
  • produce faster and more cost-effective feedback than focus groups or in-depth interviews
  • produce more accurate feedback as the teenagers completed the exercises in their own home
“e-luminate really allowed young people to use the website they were testing in an environment which did not influence their responses in any way. It also provided a good structure to ensure that the right type of information was collected from all participants. The insight this gave was fantastic and proved a much better way of engaging than traditional methods.” Rachel Evans – Centro

Case studies:

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