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Capturing customers’ views on the future rail network

National rail operator – online communities capturing in-the-moment experiences

Our client wanted to gain in-depth insight into the future market in the area that they operate in order to understand how to improve customer loyalty through their marketing and communications activity.

We ran a large-scale online community for them, with 180 of their customers over two weeks. We used our e-luminate platform as it offers a number of tools to allow participants to share their views on a topic in a number of interactive ways.

Participants completed activities in waves. Activities included a short quantitative survey, one to one qualitative questions and a discussion forum. Train carriage concepts were also tested using e-luminate’s Smartboard functionality, which allows respondents to interact with, and give feedback on, stimulus materials which were uploaded onto the site.

Research was conducted with the operator’s key segments, which lead to an extremely diverse group of respondents with many different needs; including city commuters, remote rural travellers and travellers with reduced mobility.

Because e-luminate is device-agnostic, participants were also able to complete the activities on their computer, phone or tablet. This meant that responses could be given at home, work or even during their daily commute or whilst making another journey. Answers completed whilst on the train captured in the moment responses and add real authenticity to the insight.

All responses on e-luminate are downloadable at the touch of a button, which sped up the analysis process, allowing this large scale project to be completed to a tight timescale. Our client was able to log-in to e-luminate daily and view responses as they came in. Because of its ability to enable participants to share their views in a range of ways, we were able to share a large of amount of in-depth insight into customers’ views on the future rail network. Our findings are helping the rail operator design a number of new features to enhance the local rail network.

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