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Exploring attitudes towards new ticket options for irregular traveller

Nexus – Attitudes to Pay As You Go (PAYG) smartcards

We recently helped Nexus to better understand the ticketing needs of public transport users with irregular travel patterns, focusing on the views towards(PAYG) smartcards. This will offer a new way for the public to pre-load smartcards and use them for travel on bus, Metro and ferry services in the region.

We conducted 12 in-home depth interviews with a range of people who made irregular journeys across Tyne and Wear; including people who work part-time or shifts, as well as those who make irregular journeys such as students and leisure travellers.

Participants also completed a 5-day travel diary using mruk’s e-luminate platform to help stimulate discussions, by allowing participants to think about relevant issues that mattered to them. Overall this stimulated higher quality feedback, while specific travel patterns mentioned in the diary were further explored during the depth interviews.

Interviews were video recorded and a short, professionally-edited film was created to highlight how travel patterns impact on perceptions of ‘good value’; obtain views on a PAYG product to understand how it would fit with travel needs; and establish whether PAYG would increase the frequency of journeys made by Metro amongst this audience.

The research informed Nexus’ marketing strategy with regard to how to educate the target audience about the advantages of a PAYG card. Messaging needed to alleviate concerns regarding lost or stolen cards and how to use the technology. Nexus were able to use the outcomes of the research to feed into a planned product launch and regional marketing campaign.

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